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Each of the 5-story buildings has an average of 24 units in each floor giving you a total of 120 per building. The corridors are single loaded and at the center, there is an atrium that gives you enough privacy and ample space to allow the entry of ventilation and natural lighting. 

Most properties in and around the city are cramped and space is becoming a luxury in many urban homes. Fortunately, at Bonifacio Heights Taguig you have more space to spare. The built-up space covers just 20% of the entire development. The remaining 80% of the land is covered with landscaped parks and lush greenery for you to recharge and blend with nature. 

The children playground provides enjoyment for the entire family. It gives you open spaces where you can run around with your family and bond after work or weekends and holidays. In addition, these playgrounds give opportunity to children in this massive development to interact and get to know one another. This is what community is all about. 

The two-story clubhouse gives you sufficient room to gather with friends and family for special events and private parties. There is a lounge where you can relax and a dining area to enjoy snacks and bites. There are lots of function rooms you can join up with friends to relax and unwind. 

If you love swimming, the developer put in place a swimming pool where you can take a dip and refresh. The pools have attendants who ensure all standards are maintained and safety is given a priority. The swimming pools are always cleaned to ensure you swim in the clearest waters. 

Physical fitness is such a priority here with jogging paths and basketball court included as part of the development. You can jog any time based on your schedule. Morning workouts before work or after work exercises can help keep your body health in check. The area is safe and as such jogging is possible even if you have no company.  

The gated community creates a sense of security with a complete perimeter fence and a 24/7 security. Parking spaces are ample and you won’t have to compete for parking areas. The design is such that every house has a parking lot and there is a common parking area for visitors. 

Cable TV and telephone line connections are available and you won’t have to hang wires to get signals. This is important because lots of wires and aerials can make buildings unsightly. When it comes to water storage, DMCI Homes installed elevated water tanks, deep wells, and underground cisterns to ensure that every home has sufficient water. Apart from that, other utilities such as electricity and sewerage systems are well planned for here. Most of the power cables are underground and for those that are above ground, they are located high above thereby eliminating any chance of shocks.

  • 24-hour Security 
  • Jogging Path
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • Pets Allowed
  • Playground
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